The Arts

Art, music and drama…Performance and self-expression in the arts are integral to life at Grace Dieu. One of our key aims is that life for the pupils here should be full, varied and fun. A strong commitment to the arts is entirely at one with this aim.Art_1

Through occasions such as Nativity Plays, annual musical productions, and class assemblies, Music and Drama frequently combine to afford pupils the opportunity to learn the discipline of both and to experience the thrill of working together towards a common goal.

S17 GD0839Music is taught to all pupils in the school as a specialist subject and the approach is very much hands-on and fun! Children are encouraged to perform instrumentally and vocally as members of our various choirs, orchestras, Jazz band and ensembles. Formal concerts are a regular feature of our school diary.

Private tuition is available for many orchestral and solo instruments such as piano, guitar (acoustic and electric), drums, violin and viola, ‘cello and double bass, flute, clarinet and saxophone and all brass instruments as well as singing and Speech and Elocution (which boosts self confidence). Children are prepared for examination with ABRSM, Trinity/Guildhall, London College of Music and Rockschool. The record for success is outstanding.

All children have access to choirs, and for a select number, the Chapel Choir offers a demanding and rewarding vocal journey. Junior and senior orchestras are accessible to all who play instruments.

Children throughout the school have the chance to express themselves in Class Assemblies (performed for the entire school), Nativity Plays and other productions. Drama clubs operate in various age groups in the school and form a vital part of our extra-curricular programme.

Occasional trips to main theatres and concert halls of nearby cities are accessed and musical activities are shared with other local independent schools.