School House System

Pupils are placed in one of four Houses for the purposes of competitions and other activities such as charitable fund-raising.  The four Houses are named after close historical associations with the School:

House Bishops badgeBISHOPS Named in honour of the Bishop of Nottingham in whose diocese Grace Dieu lies. As all Bishops have their own distinctive coats of arms, Grace Dieu uses for Bishops House a bishop’s pastoral crosier on a black background. The Episcopal cross is the sign of the authority of the Bishop in his own Diocese. The present Bishop of Nottingham is the Right Reverend Patrick Joseph McKinney.
House Gentili badgeGENTILI This house is named after the famous Father Luigi Gentili who was chaplain to the de Lisle family in the early 1840’s. His name is used to perpetuate the name of a great priest and the extraordinary work he accomplished in the towns and villages around Grace Dieu, such as Whitwick,  Shepshed and Loughborough, to name but a few.
House Delisle badgeDE LISLE Named in honour of the De Lisle family who built the manor house (as well as Mount St Bernard Abbey) and who lived here for many years. The naming of this house is a small tribute to the memory of Ambrose Lisle March Phillipps de Lisle who did so much for the spread of the Faith during his life, especially when he lived at Grace Dieu.
House Verdun badgeVERDUN This house has the honour of being named after the de Verdun family. Part of their coat of arms (which also forms the coat of arms of the School) is used for this house. Roesia de Verdun, was the first abbess of the Grace Dieu priory, founded in 1250 and which was dissolved by Henry VIII in 1538. The ruins may now be seen on the A512 near the Osgathorpe turn.