A Catholic School; a worshipping community:

At the heart of a Catholic school is a mission, an educational philosophy that goes far beyond pupils acquiring a particular set of skills or an array of academic achievements. The pursuit of academic excellence is encouraged at Grace Dieu, though not in isolation or exclusively. The formation of the whole child – that is, the intellectual, the spiritual and the emotional – sets our educational provision apart. We anchor all we do in our belief that God has created each and every person in and through love and that Christ is at the centre of our educational enterprise. We believe that each pupil is imbued with immeasurable worth, purpose and potential; that our pupils’ ‘gifts’ are God given. As such a Catholic education takes on a moral imperative, as we are tasked with nurturing those gifts and abilities in order that our pupils are able to discern and discover what it is that God has called them to do – their vocation in life. Grace Dieu was founded by the Rosminian Fathers (formally known as The Institute of Charity) in 1933.

The Fathers’ gift and legacy to the School is very much the hallmark of our education today, that of being ‘in communion’ with one another. Our sense and understanding of community is characterised best in our extolling of key Christian virtues or Gospel Values: love, compassion, generosity, charity and forgiveness. This ‘spirituality’ is palpable within the relationships between staff and pupils and in the relationships pupils have with each other; indeed, it permeates all we do, whether in class, on the sports field or within our Collective Worship.

For our Catholic families the faith of the School, which is expressed and shared in all we do, is cherished. We are not a majority Catholic School and warmly welcome non-Catholic and non-Christian families who are in sympathy with our educational style and ethos; indeed we are the richer for it.

All parents at Grace Dieu (religious and non-religious alike) acknowledge the fact that God is openly talked about and worshipped; they know a warm invitation to share in the spiritual life of the School is encouraged. The faith of the School is integral, defining who we are and the fact that our faith is sympathetically and empathetically embraced by all is both reassuring and affirming of all that we seek to do.

‘Learning and growing in the light of the Gospel’