About Pre-Prep

Gentili_centreWelcome to the Pre-Preparatory and Gentili Centre

The Gentili Centre for 3-7 year olds is designed specifically to provide our youngest pupils with an inspiring, fun and secure environment in which to begin their school days. Children gain self confidence and a yearning to discover and explore the world around them. Classrooms are bright and colourful and interactive s company. Each of our carefully designed classrooms allows easy access to a spacious and secure playground.
forest_school_6The Pre-Preparatory Department has access to all the facilities in the main school including the School Nurse, the Chapel, Sports Hall, Arts Hall, ICT Suite, Music Department, tennis courts and swimming pool. The school grounds are extensive and visited regularly for investigative and exploratory purposes as part of our outdoor learning and Forest School work.

The aim of the Pre-Preparatory Department at Grace Dieu Manor School is to create a happy, secure and caring environment that fosters self-confidence amongst its pupils and a yearning to explore and enquire about the world around them. Our aim is to develop the whole child by offering him/her a complete and caring education. forest_school_3Founded upon Christian values and traditions of the Catholic faith, Grace Dieu welcomes children from families and faiths who are in sympathy with the Christian ethos.

The children’s moral education is an integral part of their learning processes and pupils are taught to love and care for one another and to be aware of their own safety and that of others.  They are taught from an early age the difference between right and wrong and that good manners and politeness are important.  This gives the children moral principles to hopefully establish a sound foundation on which to learn.