Welcome to Grace Dieu Manor School

Headmaster’s Welcome

Peter_FisherI moved to Grace Dieu with my family because we wanted to provide the best possible education for our children. The fact that you have taken the time to visit our website means that you are exactly where I have been; choosing the right school for your child is not easy!

Our School is a Catholic, Independent Day School for boys and girls aged 3 – 13 years. Our website will convey some sense of who we are, offering a tantalising glimpse into what we do. The magical setting at Grace Dieu can only be appreciated when one takes the time to explore the enviable grounds in which our educational enterprise is set.

All visitors to Grace Dieu encounter a tangible sense of a deeply rooted and timeless spirituality – the hallmark of our education for over 80 years. First-time visitors become quickly aware of the School’s ethos. There is a palpable sense of peace and tranquillity within and around the School. Visitors comment most favourably about the level of industry, purpose, creativity and confidence from which our pupils’ ‘joyful noise’ emanates. This, nestled in 120 acres of breath-taking countryside, and with one of the most striking school buildings to be found anywhere in the country, makes Grace Dieu a captivating and special place.

So why Grace Dieu?

We offer more than the academic rigour and exceptional pastoral care that are the aspirational staples of all schools. Grace Dieu can certainly boast these elements; what sets us apart, however, is that we are a Catholic school, thus our goal (telos) is directed toward achieving so much more for our pupils than mere academic skill and intellectual capacity that seems to be the sole ‘currency of success’ in today’s world. Grace Dieu has a high regard for its pupils’ academic achievements; more than this, our model of education seeks to engage pupils in their formative years on many fronts and on many levels. Pupils begin to discern all that is good, virtuous, true and beautiful in the world. Imbued with a sense of worth, purpose and infinite value, pupils are ready to leave us at the end of Year 8, equipped to embrace the world and change it for the better…

What are our pupils like?

At Grace Dieu the childhood of each pupil matters; childhood is nurtured and embraced: to laugh, to wonder, to marvel, to be curious and to be awed defines our educational aspirations. As such, our pupils are compassionate, generous and kind; and they have a deep sense of right and wrong. They are interesting pupils and thoughtful. There is a genuine desire to make a positive and substantial difference to those less fortunate than themselves. Our pupils do not regard Jesus’ commandment ‘To love one another as I have loved you’ as merely a superficial notion; they appreciate that this commandment is the very core and essence of our schooling.

There is a love of learning that is endemic. Our pupils are ‘lanterns to light’. Affirming relationships between staff and pupils ensures that each and every child is known and loved. We guide, enable, facilitate and inspire; we are a community in communion with one another. This sense of community is tangible; it is what makes Grace Dieu distinguishably different.

Given that you have taken the time to explore our website, it would be my pleasure to meet you in person so that you may experience, first-hand, that ‘difference’ which is Grace Dieu. Come and see what it is that our School can offer.

Peter Fisher

Headmaster, Grace Dieu Manor School


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